Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Two

Alright, first off... thank you everyone for reaching out to me. I printed out all of the emails and read them over breakfast this morning. Unfortunately my emailing time is short so I won't have time to respond to everyone but just know that I LOVE YOU ALL. You are all so inspiring. I'll try to respond to everything I can!

This week was completely packed, but that's the MTC for ya. Motra Lyng and I have been teaching "investigators" (our teachers that are really good actors) everyday. It's been great practice and now we're teaching the lessons without a script! It's tough because I'll understand bits of what they speak to me, and I'll have the perfect response in English, but I have to water down my response to simple Elementary- level phrases in Albanian. It's pretty frustrating but I'll get there. I'm just so excited because this language is so beautiful. Fun fact: it's the oldest language in Europe! 

Yesterday was pretty awesome. President Dallin H. Oak's daughter, Jenny Baker Oaks, came to perform for us! She is a famous violinist, graduated from Julliard, performs at Carnegie Hall and now tours the country. It was really cool because her four kids were involved in the performance. They were playing piano, guitar, etc. (all age 5-12) while she blew the roof off the place. Afterwards, we watched a talk by Elder Bednar called Character of Christ. All missionaries are encouraged to watch this talk when they enter the MTC and before they leave. I can see why. It was one of, if not THE greatest talk I've ever heard. He talks about how the natural man turns inward, while Christ always turned outward and how we need to follow Christ's example by resisting the natural man. He talks so plainly and boldly, giving a lot of great examples from Christ's ministry in the Bible. I encourage you all to read or watch this talk! Just search "Character of Christ Elder Bednar." Extremely inspiring!

Sending all my love from good ol' Utah! 

Motra Fulop

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