Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Fourteen


Another week, here and gone! This week was full of fun, random stuff that broke up our usual work. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo in the lamest way possible - with a random Taco Bell we found on the American base! (thought of you as I was eating, dad). We also went to Macedonia for a zone conference on Saturday and lucked out on more American food - Dominoe's! We drove around the capital, Skopje, a bit and it was super pretty. There's a ton of construction, it looks like they're rebuilding the whole city but it's green and beautiful there. Pictures attached. Then yesterday I got to Skype the fam for Mother's Day which basically made my life! Sooo yeah it was a good week.

The miracle: We teach English course twice a week here; we teach for about an hour and for the last 5 minutes we share a spiritual thought and close with a prayer. About two weeks ago I began the closing prayer and a guy in the back, I'll call him A, quickly got up and ran out the door, yelling out a few things in Albanian that were probably best I didn't understand. That was the last time we saw A until last week. He came back to our last English course of the cycle. At the end of the class we did our usual spiritual thought. Motra Henderson and I testified of the Book of Mormon and one of our friends, Don, stood and shared his extremely powerful testimony of the book. After class A came up to us and said if anyone needed the book, he needed it because his life was a mess. He poured his heart out to us about all of the mistakes he's made. He felt like there was no hope for him, but our testimonies gave him a little hope. We quickly got him into an appointment with the Elders (the guy missionaries) and A has come back for lessons every day since. He's stopped smoking cigarettes and weed already. Motra Henderson and I ran into him on the boulevard the other day and he excitedly told us he's getting baptized May 28th.

I know that through Christ, we can find new life. People like A have shown me that.

Dashuri nga Kosovë,

Motra Fulop

Skype with fam ft. MADS who made a guest appearance <3333

The church in Skopje!

Paint splattered on all the nice landmarks...

Street shotz

Rockin out with my new xhaxhi guitar. Xhaxhi's are old grandpas that chill and do what they want all the time, it's pretty funny. They're always playing these out on the streets.

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