Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Four

Welcome to another week in the life of Motra Fulop. This week flew by, faster than any other week in the Missionary Training Center so far. Three weeks down, six to go. I feel like an old-timer here only because every day is pretty repetitive. I've gotten into the groove of MTC life. Three valuable things I have learned from my first three weeks: 

1. Do not, do. not. drink the orange juice in the caf. I'll leave that to your imagination.
2. Don't underestimate a Norwegian's beat boxing skillz.
3. If you bring a Benedict Cumberbatch pillow here, girls WILL find you and WILL cry over it.

ha. Don't worry mom & dad, I'm learning other things as well.... A few other lessons that have stuck with me since being here:

1. You don't need to have self confidence, you need to have Christ's confidence.
2. Faith and doubt cannot coexist.
3. Don't let experience take the place of revelation.

I will probably elaborate more on these principles in further emails. Everyone in the MTC is on a spiritual high. It's a pretty cool place to be and I'm so inspired every day.

As for the language... you know that feeling you have after you take an ACT/SAT? Yeah I feel like that every day here. Albanian grammar is a beast but I'm getting the vocabulary down. I've made a ton of mistakes... like I kept cursing as I bore my testimony by accident and agreed to help an investigator's parents immigrate to America. But no worries it was all role play. I forget who said it (Bednar?) but it takes at least 30,000 mistakes before you can be fluent in a language. I want to get as many of those mistakes out of the way while I'm training!

Also, Elder Rasband spoke to us at our Tuesday devotional. When he walked in all 3,000 of us in the room went silent and stood up. The mood of the room changed to complete reverence in an instant. I could never deny that he is an apostle! He said, "The leaders of this church are no strangers to the Lord." I know that to be true. He was inspired by the Lord and his message was powerful. I'm so thankful for the apostles and our modern day prophet that lead our church today!

That's all I got for this week! I think about & pray for many of you daily. <3

Motra Fulop

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