Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Ten


I've got blisters and tan lines in all the right places... I'm feeling like a missionary! We hit the ground running this week with a ton of street contacting and tracting (knocking on doors). I first have to mention that everyone here is super friendly. Kosovar love, and I mean LOVE Americans because we helped them gain their independence from Serbia not long ago. Many people approach us on the streets and ask to marry us because they want to come to America. It's pretty bizarre, but hey, it's nice that people want to talk because we get a lot of numbers and give them to the Elders to teach! 

Interesting story... so my first lesson on the field was in a bar during a soccer game. They are nuts about soccer here so I couldn't hear a word they were saying in their thick Gheg. Nonetheless Motra Henderson and I taught about following the prophet over their tea and cigarettes. It was a little sketchy there but the girls we taught were sweethearts. Throughout the week though we had a lot of teaching opportunities. One day we taught five lessons! There's one family we met & taught that I'm really excited about. They have a two-year-old and Mrs. is pregnant. They were really interested in everything we taught and we're going to meet with them again tomorrow!

We also had zone conference this week, so other missionaries in Kosovo and Macedonia came here for a meeting on Tuesday. We taught English class Tuesday & Thursday as well. It's been a busy week. But overall, not going to lie... I think I lucked out getting sent to Prishtina my first transfer. A lot of the people here speak English, so half the time I teach in English. Plus in church everyone speaks English and they want to help me with my Albanian. The branch here is solid; they're a big family and they welcomed me with open arms. There are some American soldiers that come in their uniforms with their guns and everything. Yesterday when we broke our fast they put our little girly aprons on over their uniforms to serve the food. That was a pretty funny sight to see. 

Hope you're all having a great week! 'Till next Monday

Ju dua,

Motra Fulop

The chapel...we'll get to the top of the bell tower to take pictures one day

The boulevard - common stomping grounds for us.

Lovin' the trees on this street

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