Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Seven


We're down to the 10 DAY COUNTDOWN until we fly to Tirana! AH! We're pretty dang excited. I feel like I've been here at the MTC forever. But we're trying to keep it in perspective. President Uchtdorf counsels us to always work as if we're in the middle of our missions. Welp, I'm trying to work as if I'm in the middle of my MTC stay, or else this week is going to be really unproductive. Motra Lyng & I created a plan the other day called "The Best Two Weeks" and we're really trying to crack down with doctrinal & language studies so that our personal study time is effective. 

Anyway, last week was pretty much the same as any other week! I'll mention some of my highlights:

Friday morning we skyped with Albanians again! This time we spoke to a member named Mimoza. She's only been a member of the church for a couple years, but wow, I was so impressed by her strong testimony. I loved her. She said if Motra Lyng or I are ever sent to her area, she'll have us over for dinner :).

We watched Meet the Mormons yesterday. It is SUCH a good movie! Fam I don't think you've seen this. Buy it! It really clears up a lot of misunderstandings people have with our faith. It simply follows a few families around but it's an extremely inspiring, feel-good movie. I encourage everyone to watch!

Best part of the week: Yesterday I got to go to the Provo City Center Temple dedication! It was a really neat experience. I was excited to go since I won't be home for the Philly temple dedication (tear). Anyway, this building was an old, 110-year-old tabernacle that burnt down five years ago. Our prophet was inspired to rebuild the structure into a temple. Then yesterday there was a beautiful ceremony where our leaders cemented in the final cornerstone of the building and offered a dedicatory prayer; now it's an open & running temple. The whole event opened my eyes to how sacred the temple truly is. One of the speakers at the dedication said that he hears people say as they leave the temple, "Now back to the real world." He said that's not the right way to say it, rather they should be saying, "Now back to the temporary world" because this world is temporary. Inside the temple is the closest we have to experiencing the eternities, or the "real world." I can feel that when I go to the temple. The veil is the thinnest there. 

Have a good week! Te dua!

Motra Fulop

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