Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 73: Good Times and Goodbyes


We were super busy this week! Two great things that happened: we organized visiting teaching for relief society and had our first Young Women's class yesterday. The Berat branch is getting more and more developed it's been neat to witness the past six months.

Something Funny: Yesterday we were outside in our friend's gated area about to start a lesson. Motra Grigg reached up to grab a grape that was hanging in her face when a lemon flew out of nowhere and pelted her in the chest! We think that someone from the apartment building next to us chucked it down from their window. We could hardly compose ourselves to say the opening prayer.

Something Marvelous: Since President and Motra Weidmann (my mission president and wife) are finishing their mission in ten days like me they came to our district to say their goodbyes. We went around in a circle and shared our testimonies and it was so special. The spirit was so strong. I'm going to miss Motra and President Weidmann so much. They have made a huge impact on me.

Saturday we went to Tirana to celebrate the 25th anniversary of missionaries in Albania. It was really cool - the first missionary that was sent here in '92 spoke and we sang in a big choir in the international hotel of Tirana - one of the biggest convention centers in the city! I was just soaking it all in and reflecting on the amazing opportunity that I've been given to serve as a missionary here. It was good closure to say bye to all of the members I've grown to love in Albania and Kosovo.

Something spiritual: This week I set my goal to "inquire the Lord in all things" - that meant praying more fervently and diligently. I saw a few small miracles! The most profound one was when I was on a split with a member, I. We were tracting (going to knock on doors). We were trying to choose between two apartment buildings. I offered a small prayer asking that we'd be guided to the people that needed us. When I looked up from the prayer I saw a few people in the open apartment building to our right - so we went to that one. There hanging around in a doorway were two girls, one of whom I knew from service projects we've been doing at the foster home. She was so excited to see us. She opened up to us about how her dad passed away a year and a half ago and how ever since she'd lost her faith. We talked with her for a while about the Plan of Salvation and had a really good conversation. She was really moved and happy we had come by. I knew that we weren't accidentally sent to meet her - we were guided by the spirit. I know that as we put our trust in God he will direct our paths!

Ju dua shumë... see you in 10 DAYS!

Motra Follëp

Some of my besties and Albanian companions from Vlore :)

I love this girl - S! She has this cute store in the castle. I bought this painting from her

"Mos Parko Ketu Më" (Don't park here anymore) - This was way better than a parking ticket

​This is B, one of my faves!

On our way to the celebration in Tirana. I was hanging with S, A, and A!​

The branch president and fam from Prishtina - the Teli's. I missed them so much!

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