Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 57: Call Me Megli


Our work has been on the up-and-up in Berat! We've started meeting with a new pool of friends that we found street contacting and tracting. Yesterday we were at our friend X's home and she said that our names were too hard to pronounce so she asked us for alternative nicknames and she decided to call me"Megli"! Motra Godfrey and I couldn't stop laughing at that one. A lot of people here don't have teeth so they can't pronounce "Fulop"; instead they say "Polo". I think I like Megli better.

Cool story from the week - We had english course as usual on Tuesday and Thursday and at the end of every class we share a spiritual thought for five minutes. On Thursday we were planning what we were going to teach for the spiritual thought and we wanted it to be different and special because we don't want our students to "zone out" for the last five minutes when we talk about Christ - that's what it seemed like the past couple classes - even though they're really awesome students. We decided to pray about it and afterwards I had the idea that we could bring down the TV and watch a Mormon message. Motra Godfrey liked the idea of a video and suggested we watch an "I'm a Mormon" video - so we found one about Elaine Bradley, the drummer of Neon Trees, which was translated into Albanian. Our class loved it and wanted us to write down the name of the church website so that they could watch more. One student and her dad came up at the end and said that they were interested in the Gospel and that they would be in church on Sunday!

Reflecting on that experience I know that it was because Motra Godfrey and I had asked for divine assistance to help our students we were guided to the exact thing that would touch their hearts. There are no coincidences. It's really neat to see the small miracles of the Lord everyday in the work. We just need to take a step back, realize the small things, and thank Him!

Ju dua, jave të mbarë!

Motra Follëp

Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Italian chocolate waffle. So Pinterest

This chocolate cafe in Tirana and was probably the fanciest place I've been in Albania.

The time when you elbow lunch into your purse.

​​Motra Godfrey cut my hair with kitchen scissors today. That's a lotta comp trust

Here's some of the Berat primary <3 I always help teach third hour

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