Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 37: Freaky Saturday...Voodoo & An Earthquake


It's been a great week here in sunny Tirana! Motra Holt and I had a lot of great finding experiences and first lessons with people. There are a few people that I have a really good feeling about. Hopefully we'll have some new, solid friends to teach this coming week!

One standout experience was when we met our new friend L yesterday. We had found her street contacting a couple weeks ago, and yesterday we had a first lesson with her after church. At the end of the lesson she said that she almost hadn't come to the lesson because she was running so late with other errands and her daughters told her she should just not bother going but she really felt like she needed to come. L said she knew why she felt so prompted to come to the lesson; it was because what we were teaching her was true! I felt the spirit so strongly in that moment. She's golden!

Onto the subject line... Saturday was a really bizarre day. First off we went on splits, meaning that Motra Holt and I split from each other and paired up with other church members so that we could get more lessons done. I was with a member named Jona at the time and we went to a lady's home for a first lesson. We were sitting there just getting to know each other and then the lady started telling us about how she could do magic where she put her hand over our eyes and if the sun was in the right position we'd be able to see our families and God in a vision. Then she started doing some crazy chanting. Jona said that she was really freaked out so we got out of there pretty quickly.

Then that night Motra Holt and I were writing in our journals chillin on our beds at around 10 pm when our beds started rocking back and forth! I was super confused and then I looked up and the ceiling light was swinging. Turned out there was an earthquake in Greece and we felt the effects from it!

Luckily yesterday everything was back to normal. I don't think I've mentioned this but we're in charge of two wards now! So Motra Holt and I go to 5 hours of church every week... pretty long. But yesterday was super cool, an Area Seventy from England came to the ward, Elder Charles! It was a really nice surprise. Then last night we went to a family's home for dinner in the American Embassy. It was an interesting, we went through pretty tight security but once we got through it was literally a little patch of America with tennis courts, trampolines, and actual GRASS! Then we went to the member's home and had tacos... it felt so nice to be back in America for an evening :).

Something spiritual... I've been studying about charity this week. This is my favorite scripture in connection with charity: "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal." (1 Corinthians 13:1). If we speak without charity in our hearts then our words have no worth in the sight of God. Let's continually try everyday to speak kind words to others. We'll become more Christlike every time we strive to do so!

Have a great week! Ju dua shumee Zoti qofte me ju!

Motra Fulop xoxo

We got a special delivery of Swiss chocolates :)

Pretty accurate. We collapse every time we get back into the house.

​Cutest pup I've ever seen. He's in a little pet shop right down the street from us... it makes my day every day seeing my buddy <333

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