Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 22: One Transfer, Countless Lessons Learned


So my training transfer is officially OVER! We got transfer calls Saturday night and I've been called to... VLORE! I'm pretty dang excited it's a beautiful city next to the sea. But with that being said... I'm leaving all of my friends here in Kosovo. :( It's been pretty sad saying goodbye to the amazing members, B, and H. But I'm sure I'll see them again sometime over the next year.

I have to mention though... I mentioned a girl named H. Wow this girl is great. She was in our English Course and we started to teach her the discussions the past two weeks. She's the most genuine, honest person I've met out here. She knows the church is true! She says she feels the happiest she's been in years! She's going back to her village for the summer but in September when she comes back for university in Prishtina she'll get baptized :). I'm sooo happy!

Something Kosovar: We went to a festival on Saturday in a small village. There were about 250 people there but we stuck out like sore thumbs as the only Americans. They asked Motra Henderson, the senior couple, and I to come up onstage and say a few words. They were so welcoming and friendly. It's crazy how much they love Americans here. Today everyone's wearing red, white, and blue haha.

It's been quite the adventure here in Kosovo. I've learned a ton up here and grown to love the people. I have learned countless lessons, but most importantly my testimony of the Savior has strengthened tenfold. I'm excited for what is to come in my next area!

Te dua! Happy 4th of July!!!

Motra Fulop
District squad. Seriously going to miss these peeps. This is the church in Prishtina
Went mini golfing today at this sweet spot the Larsons found
Happy 4th of July!!! Last day with Motra Henderson though (crying)

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