Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 61: Hot or Cold, Yes or No

Mirë dita! Si jeni?

This week we experienced a lot of highs and lows! I'll share the highest and lowest and let the pictures explain the rest.

In order to share my highest point I need to explain some background. Two months ago we were teaching our friend N about the gospel and she was "golden", but then we stopped by her apartment one day and she wasn't there. Her family said that she'd left for Italy due to a family emergency and they didn't know when or if she'd ever be back in Berat. That was a hard blow for me because she was my favorite. She was one of the sweetest ladies I'd ever met. Motra Godfrey and I kept sending her our mass scripture texts every night and hoped that N was able to at least read those where ever she was. Then on Friday.... N CALLED US! I couldn't believe it! She had just gotten back from Italy Thursday night. We met with her twice this weekend and she is just as amazing as before. I'm so glad to have my Berat bestie back in town and to have the opportunity to keep teaching her!

Now onto the lowest point. Yesterday after lunch we had four friends to meet for lessons but all of them fell through... so we decided to tract for the last hour of the evening. Both Motra Godfrey and I were dragging our feet a little so we decided to say a prayer for help. After the prayer I just let my feet guide us to an apartment and was saying a little prayer in my heart along the way to take us to an apartment with people that would accept our message. I walked up to an apartment and we knocked on the first door. The man that opened was probably the most unpleasant man I've contacted on my mission! He literally yelled at us and slammed the door in our face, so we shook that off and went to the second door. As we were talking to the person at the second door the unpleasant man opened his door again and started yelling at us again because I guess the first time wasn't good enough. We kept knocking in that building and everyone was nasty. As we walked away, I started asking myself... "Why was I led to that awful apartment building? I tried to do what was right by following the spirit. What did I do wrong? Why do I deserve this kind of treatment?" I thought a lot about it last night and wanted answers.

This morning I was reading in the New Testament as usual in sequential order when the answer to my questions jumped out at me: Galatians 1:10 - "For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ." As a servant of Christ, I shouldn't be so worried about what people think of me. Sometimes as I'm working I'll face awkwardness and social humiliation. But I'm going to keep working my hardest and not give up because I want to please my Heavenly Father, not men. I'm thankful for this amazing opportunity I have to do this work.

Have a great week, ju dua shumë!

Motra Follëp

This is our friend R!

Berat is SO. PRETTY!

​These literally look like poop and I always second guess myself when I order it but they are so good! Rice wrapped in grape leaves

We will start the church's Easter initiative this week. hashtag Prince of Peace.

Another Sunday lunch at the Dabell's, this week with surprise guests President and Motra Weidmann

​I'm not much of an artist but I made another Plan of Salvation set for teaching!

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