Friday, March 31, 2017

Week 60: Cows and Goats and Chickens and PUPPIES


Today is my 100 days left mark on the mission what whatttt. Where has the time gone?!?

This week flew by. The best day was Tuesday when we celebrated a big holiday - Summer's Day! We went hiking as a branch and had a picnic on top of a mountain. Motra Godfrey and I packed our own lunches but there was no need because everyone kept on churning out good home-made, traditional food for us! They could have just rolled me back down the mountain after that. On Summer's day everyone wears red and white bracelets and if you see a certain bird, (don't know which kind... they said it in Albanian) you have to take off your bracelet and string it on a tree branch.

I think I've been pretty lucky serving in Albania because we don't have to eat many crazy foods here. I'd never been put into an awkward food situation until the other day when we were at a friend's house and upon arrival she gave us two big, fat cups of fresh milk, straight from the utter. It had a yellow-y layer on top and chunks. Maybe I just sound like a baby sorry but I don't normally drink plain milk to begin with! I just chugged it down really quick at the end of the lesson. Motra Godfrey watched me with big eyes. Then she did the same. After we left Motra Godfrey explained to me a complicated game plan she had thought of so we wouldn't have had to drink it but I ruined it by drinking it at the last minute. Woops.

My testimony of prayer has really grown this week. There is power behind every prayer. For the past two weeks Motra Godfrey and I have been praying specifically for our friend B because she's been on a baptismal date for awhile but not progressing. Then the other day.. B made a complete 360! She had a vivid dream about the Book of Mormon and said she finally received the answer she's been searching for... she now knows without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true, and therefore that this church is true! Ever since B has been keeping her commitments and came to church. She is preparing to be baptized this week :). I know that when we pray for specific things, we receive specific answers and are blessed beyond measure when we put our full trust in God.

Sorry this is a longer one this week, but... ju dua shumë dhe kaloni mirë!

Motra Follëp

We were at B's house and her mom chopped off a chicken's head with a steak knife and put it up in the garden.

Our cute friend A made flower crowns

Summer's Day

Chillin with a goat herd!

Gotta love seeing these pups every week.

We made these guys for district lunch

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