Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 63: When You Wake Up With An Adam's Apple.


Well, I didn't know how to start this email so Motra Godfrey said I should talk about my Adam's apple. Yeah. I woke up one morning with an Adam's apple and it was there for a few days. I got some blood tests and all is well except the fact that Motra Godfrey calls me a man now!

This week we had sister's conference in Tirana, then Saturday and Sunday we watched General conferences. They were all SO good! When we weren't in conferences we were running around teaching lessons! We've currently been really blessed with many friends to teach. One friend that has really made an impact on me is E. He's the husband of our Relief Society President, A. When A was baptized a few months ago E was not supportive at all and almost didn't let her get baptized, but over time he started sitting in on our lessons with A. At first he was ashamed because he couldn't read, but we encouraged and told him that the Gospel is for EVERYone. We started teaching him the lessons and A read the Book of Mormon for him and the kids every night. He grew a personal testimony and started praying in our lessons. Then, fast forward to two weeks ago, we taught him the Word of Wisdom and he committed to stop smoking. To prove it he handed his lighter to A at the end of the lesson. She was beaming as he handed it over. E's been coming to church every week and it's like he's a member! We've been so excited for him to get baptized soon so that he could then baptize his son, P, in June, but plot twist... a couple days ago E decided that he needs to go to Greece to work for three months! We are a little sad that he is leaving when he was so close to baptism, but he said it'll be the first thing he does when he gets back and I know he will! E has made leaps and bounds in his progression of the church. It's so cool to see how much he has been changed because of the Gospel.

I know that this church is true. Over the course of my mission I've seen so many people's lives change for good because of the Gospel, so many that I have no doubt that this must be the Lord's way!

Javë të mbarë!

Motra Follëp

View from one of the church windows- someone's outdoor kitchen

WE'RE SO SAD the Dabell's are leaving us on Wednesday!

OKAY so cute they put their wedding pictures up with the Rome temple

Us, A, E, and P

For P-day today we played an intense round of Monopoly

Sister's Conference

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