Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 52: Another Freaky Friday..?


GUESS WHAT?! We had another earthquake on Friday evening. We were making banana bread in the apartment when everything started shaking and we could hear a big "crumpling" noise. I looked out the window and everyone was running out of their little shops. It lasted about 10 seconds. There was no damage done so all is well. The epicenter was only 13 km away - craziness!

This week was really good as usual, as work goes! Our friend M came to church yesterday with her daughter again and that was probably the highlight of my week because she brought another surprise with her - her mom! A little background: M told us in our first lesson with her that she'd never been to church in her life because her parents were against religion, but then she started coming to our church for the past couple weeks. Then yesterday she surprisingly brought her mom to church! She seemed to enjoy it. I really hope that we can start teaching the mom. Also our friend S had her baptismal interview this week and she's ready to be baptized this Saturday - we can't wait!

We also had a mission conference this week and it was fun as always to see everyone. The mission nurse asked Motra Suckow and I to make up a little script for the BRAT diet to present to everyone - we had a lot fun with it!

Something spiritual: Yesterday during Sunday school something stood out to me. We were talking about faith and a member made the comment that when we have faith in Christ it motivates us to repent and to change. First and foremost we should exercise our faith in Christ, but we can also apply faith into different aspects of our lives. If we want to be good at a talent or skill we first need to have the faith that we can achieve it, then that will be the driving force that will lead us to achieving our goals. I loved this thought - we can honestly, truly do anything if we have faith and work our hardest. I know this to be true!

Kalofsh shumë bukur!

Motra Follëp
Fun at our usual Sunday lunch at the Dabell's!

We went to A (Relief Society President)'s home last night for a lesson. Afterwards we had some fun with the camera

P (in the middle) is a stud!

Our P-day adventure today - the bat caves! Didn't actually see any bats though...

It was a little tight at the end... not my fave.

A little dark but this is M, one of our AMAZINGG friends.

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