Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 28: SARANDA and a Surprise

Pershendetja all!!

I only have a minute because my companion is super sick. :( Gotta go back to the house. But we went on a crazy adventure today to Saranda, close to Greece! I will send pictures next week. It was crazy pretty.But also surprise I'm going back to Prishtina! So I'll be back to speaking Gheg in Kosovo :). Pretty exciting. It's bittersweet because we have been having a lot of success here in Vlore the past two weeks, one of our friends L is actually getting baptized in 2 weeks! She was a gift from heaven, she just called us one day super interested and she loves everything. I'm so glad for the time I've had here in Vlore! But untill next week.... stay cool I heard it's been crazy hot in Philly!

Love you all!

Motra Fulop

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