Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 20: Work Hard Play Hard

Mirë dita! Qysh jeni?

Another week here & gone in Prishtina. Where to start... we played volleyball on Saturday night at the park which is always one of the highlights of my week :). We tie the net between two trees so there are roots and branches all over the place but it still works. It has proven to be a great finding opportunity because people are always interested when they see a bunch of foreigners playing volleyball so we get a nice crowd of spectators, but more importantly, we've been finding people to teach from it! 

Something cultural: The soccer games have been insanity. Last night Albania beat Romania in the Euro Cup. It was 11pm (which is after the 10:30 mandatory missionary bedtime) and I couldn't sleep if I tried haha everyone was out partying on the streets going nuts. We got some pretty cool views of fireworks.

Something marvelous: Friday we had a really neat experience. We went to a company called HandiKos where we were greeted by some service missionaries that flew in from America. We helped them distribute about thirty wheelchairs to people that couldn't afford to buy them on their own. It was so cool to be apart of this. Many of the people were scooped out of their cars and put into one of the wheelchairs. Then Motra Henderson and I wrote down all of their information while they waited to be fitted for it. There was one girl I talked to named A and she was beaming the whole time. She was 26 and her whole life she'd had to use crutches because of severe scoliosis. So getting a wheelchair made her life so much easier. There was also a guy in his 30's that came who had to be carried piggy-back by his father his whole life. His father was getting too old to be able to do it anymore. Getting a wheelchair changed their lives.

This was a really eye opening experience for me. I've never first-hand seen people in need of something seemingly so basic. But what's neat to note is that the donated wheelchairs were provided by the our church's tithing money. When I pay my tithing I'll never think of it the same way!

Tribute to dad: Happy belated FATHER'S DAY! I watched this video in the MTC a couple months ago and I've been waiting to send it to you for a long time. I'm sharing it with all because it is worth watching!

Ju dua!

Motra Fulop
Orthodox church in the center of the city. It serves as a landmark for their history with the Serbs.

We got TACO BELL for Elder Farnworth's birthday

Motra Henderson & I found these cute shoes today - 1 Euro each. Mom they remind me of my jelly sandals when I was little. I'm pretty happy with this find.

This is the library of Prishtina. Fun fact it's ranked among the top 10 ugliest libraries in the world.

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