Thursday, May 25, 2017

Week 69: M's A Miracle!


This week was a good one. The time is seriously flying by

Something Albanian: In the words of Motra Godfrey, just because she explains it better than I ever could... "We were on the bus this week and it was pretty full-not full enough where bodies are touching, but full enough to know no one else is wearing deodorant. So, we are there just riding the bus and this man gets on with a big burlap sack. I think nothing of it. Then, we hit a pot hole and a goat pops out of the bag and starts making goat sounds. I was taken off guard. The bus man is like "What are you doing?" and the guy is like "I need my goat." and the bus man is like "You can't have animals here." and goat man is like "I get that, but I need my goat." Bus man and Goat man make an alliance. Now everything is okay..except the goat keeps squirming around in the bag, so goat man straddles the goat's neck in between his legs. I swear I thought this goat was going to die. Finally, the goat chills out. Then, a lady with a stroller runs over the goats leg. The goat goes wild. Goat man maintains his scissor hold on the goat's neck. Our stop comes. As we get off, the man in front of us kicks the goat and goat man was livid. Luckily, the guy in front of us was a quick little sucker and no one was harmed. I love the bus." Same girl.

Something unfortunate: I lost my voice the past couple days. Hopefully it'll come back soon because it's distracting in the lessons. I sound like a man. One of the members said I sound like the Albanian Spongebob. I think if the Albanian Spongebob sounds anything like this I will never willfully watch it.

Something marvelous: M got baptized! Woohoo! We took a little bus to Lushnje where she got baptized in a font. We thought that'd be easier for her than the river. She had to go down in the water three times.. so clearly she was super blessed! It was super cool; yesterday after she received the Holy Ghost in church we walked out of the sacrament room and she started excitedly telling everyone about her conversion. It really was a miracle. She had smoked for thirty-five years and was never able to stop. Then we taught her and didn't know what we could further do to help her stop smoking. We just prayed and prayed and prayed. Then she got really sick for a couple days... and after she got better she said that she never wanted to smoke again; she was sickened by even the idea of having another smoke. Because of that change she was able to continue and get baptized! Reflecting back on M's conversion I can see that it was a miracle that she was able to quickly stop smoking right when the Lord needed her to. It was because of her enormous faith. She's such an amazing example to me.

Love you lots and have another great week!

Motra Follëp

We were tracting and spotted this amazing staircase. It made my day.

Tuesday was Motra Godfrey's 20th birthday! She got these red noses in her birthday package so we celebrated Red Nose Day along with the celebs :).

We made three of these brownie cakes for Saturday!

​President Xhindi took some selfies for us on the furgon

Turns out M has babysat one of our members, P!

​Us and M <333

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