Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 66: I Love to See the Temple


This week came and went quickly. We were running around teaching and we didn't seem to have enough time to meet with everyone we wanted. It's was stressful but a good problem to have nonetheless! Yesterday we had six friends come to church. The work is continuing to move along!

People always stare us down on the road because we stand out a little. Sometimes it's distracting because I'll be contacting someone on the road and other people stare me down... sometimes, they'll stop walking and just stand there and stare. Albanians are not used to hearing their language with an accent. So I've never really understood how we stand out that much, but now I totally get it because a lot of backpackers and tourists are coming through on their holidays and I can spot them from a mile away with their pale skin and shorts. They are usually Germans and they always know English. I love tracking them down and talking to them.

Three of the youth from our branch went to the Switzerland temple last week. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice for them to go. There were a lot of documents, family history work, and money, not to mention a sixty-hour bus ride to get them to the temple and back! Yesterday they returned and shared their testimonies in church and they were so powerful. They learned so much on their trip. One of the youth said when she was in the temple it was like a dream and that was the only way she could describe it. My appreciation for the temple grew hearing their testimonies because they went through so much to get to the temple and in turn they were blessed beyond measure. For me personally it's been pretty easy to attend the temple and I never want to take the opportunity for granted. I know that the temple is the house of God and is truly like heaven on Earth.

Have another great week!

Motra Follëp

This is A and we've been teaching her for the past month. The other day before our lesson she whipped out her latest masterpiece, inspired from a Restoration pamphlet!

"Pose and make it look like I'm asking you a question." - M. I was deaddd.

This is Marie, we have been teaching her for two weeks now. She's a hoot.

A member, A, made us dinner one night. These are her sons, P and K. I love them.

Our branch president and his mom invited us over for dinner as well! We were blessed... it was the end of the month aka end of money so these dinners were inspired.​

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