Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 42: Singing Kumbaya..

Ç'kemi! How's everyone?!

I don't have too much to report this week! Motra Holt and I have really been trying to find people that are prepared for our message, so we've been out on the streets trying to talk to everyone. We're also really focusing on less active work because there are soooo many inactive people here in Tirana. That leads me to my highlight of the week! Saturday night we knocked on a less active's door and she warmly let us in. It was pretty chilly out that night and when we got into her little cement flat it was even colder, but then she took us into a tiny room where their family was gathered around their oven for warmth! We shared a spiritual thought with the family and sang a few hymns with them because they really loved to sing. The grandma and sister-in-law were really into it and they were just visiting for the weekend from Greece but they started asking a ton of questions about the church. We gave them a few verses to read from the Book of Mormon and they loved it! It was such a nice visit with an unexpected finding opportunity.

We also got together with all of the missionaries in Tirana and sang for a retirement home. We did a Christmas program it was a nice kickoff to the season. Finally, I was on an exchange with Motra Hall and we had a lesson with bff E after English course and she offered to take us out for hot chocolate. She took us to the top of an observatory that overlooks Tirana, and it just so happened to be the night of the super moon! We sat up there and taught her the Plan of Salvation over hot chocolate, it was perfect.

Something funny: I just reached into my bag for my camera and I found a pomegranate instead. It's been sitting there the past four days. Whenever we leave someone's home it's tradition that they don't want you to leave empty handed so they give you a piece of candy or fruit. We're always loaded down with fruit in our bags!

Have a great Thanksgiving week! I'm so grateful for all of you!

Motra Fulop :)

We had to get a little creative because someone has been stealing our food from the church refrigerator. "Don't touch. Don't steal. Mosiah 13:22."

​Fun exchange with Motra Hall :)

Just for fun! This is Albanian Lek. It's pretty easy you just move the decimal place over two places and it's almost directly converted to the American money value. For example 500 Lek is $5.

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