Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 46: Merry Christmas


First I gotta start of by saying... MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope that you all have a great week of preparation and are able to feel the Christmas spirit in abundance :). I'm so excited to Skype my family for an hour on Sunday, it will be my biggest Christmas present!

This past week we had transfers so I moved to Berat! It's a little city in southern Albania and it is gorgeous here. The city has been here since 400 B.C.! My new companion, Motra Suckow, and I go jogging in the mornings along the river and in the stony city and it is the perfect way to start the day! And I just have to brag a little about Motra Suckow - she's the coolest companion! She's from Austria and just started her mission here two months ago but she's a fireball and is a cooking/crocheting/oragami wizard and I have so much to learn from her - skills wise and missionary wise. We push each other to be better in all aspects and I'm really excited for this transfer!

It's pretty cool because every city that I'm sent to the work is completely different. The branch (church) here was just created last January, less than a year ago, yet there are about thirty of us in church so the work is really moving forward. It'll be a lot of member's first times celebrating Christmas so this week we have a lot of fun activities planned. For example in a half an hour we are doing a Christmas tree lighting where we will cut out snowflakes and put ornaments and lights on a Christmas tree in the church.

Something fun: I'm back in Primary! I'm in charge of four little guys at church for two hours and it's so much fun. I've also been called as the chorister in sacrament meeting and I feel like I'm just doing a solo the whole time because none of them sing and so it's kinda unfortunate because I'm not a good singer...

Something marvelous: I read The Living Christ the other day which is one of my favorite releases from The First Presidency. It's a short testimony that was written in 2000 commemorating the birth of Christ and it's a good one. I encourage you to read it in preparation for Christmas, to remember the reason for the season! I'm so thankful for my Savior and for this special time that I have to remember him. I feel so privileged to be here in Albania and to be able to share a message that can bring hope and joy into people's lives.

Ju dua!

Motra Fulop

One of my favorite family's.  I gave E one of my tags because she really wants to be a sister missionary.

We run across this bridge in the mornings.

I had to say bye to my cool "daughter" on Tuesday :(

Motra Suckow and I! We explored the castle of Berat for a bit.

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